Tiers of a Waifu

Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing, as the name suggests, is a boxing-based physical fitness game for the Nintendo Switch. The game’s only characters are its six selectable and customizable trainers. They don’t have a lot of personality or depth but it’s surprisingly easy to get attached to them. The fact that they actually guide you through physical workouts makes them a part of your real life and the real world in a way other more-defined characters can’t be.

The trainer is constantly on-screen while you are exercising and getting your heart rate up. You are watching them to mirror their movements and they are telling you what to get ready for and giving you encouraging feedback on your performance. After playing this game, I can only assume a lot of people get crushes on their physical trainers in real life.

Waifu Tier
The best of the best. Only one character may be in this tier for a given work or medium. This character... is Mai Waifu.