Tiers of a Waifu

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney is a game franchise with spin-off manga, a live-action film, stage musicals, and more. The games are legal dramas with point-and-click adventure and visual novel elements, set apart by iconic courtroom sequences with well-developed mechanics for cross-examining witnesses and presenting evidence.

The games feature over-the-top dramatic situations and humor, but at the core is a lovable cast of characters and a huge amount of heart. It’d be hard to care about the stakes and jokes if you weren’t invested in the characters and their relationships, after all.

Waifu Tier
The best of the best. Only one character may be in this tier for a given work or medium. This character... is Mai Waifu.

Harem Tier
The characters who, while not quite waifu material, rise above the rest.